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Kami called Shanghai home in the early 2000’s, while DJing across the globe, he developed his own graphic signature for his own events and mixtapes, with spraycans, markers and computer generated visuals.
Soon his talent was enlisted to create logos and artworks for other Artists and DJ-friends, clubs and festivals, too.

Now a Berlin-based Art Director and Designer, Kami continues to produce his artworks, adopting his streetart-sticker-tag

The detailed and complex works are created with a mix of tools, and bask in the radiance of the assembled neon tube glow.
They are a reflection of Kami’s world.

His art was shown at YoHood (Shanghai) ART MUC (Munich), The Hypeconvention / MQ (Vienna), The Crown Collection (Los Angeles), Made in Illusion (Beijing & Shenzhen), Art Shenzhen (Shenzhen), Tilsitt Gallery (Porto), Art Central x Lucie Chang Fine Arts (Hong Kong), There Vnd Then Concept Store (Ho Chí Minh)

A playground of colourful Y2K memory lane collages,
in homage to pop culture and Asian good luck symbolism.
Pimped with shiny neon tube installation.

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